Instructions for use

Instructions for use

  • Lie on your back and bend and spread one or both legs
  • Place the bottle base down on the mattress between your legs so that the lip covers your genitals
  • It is important that the lower front part of the bottle is placed under the buttocks
  • Make sure that it fits tightly against you
  • Keep the bottle in place
  • Stretch your legs and raise the upper part of your body slightly.
Instructions for use – Femia, the female urinal

Standing up

Femia is simple to use, even standing up.

Urine samples

Femia may also be used for collecting a urine sample when otherwise it may be difficult.

Handling and cleaning

Femia will tolerate temperatures up to 100°C or 212°F. You can also boil it.

At health care centers, such as hospitals, the Femia should be cleaned in a hot water or steam sanitizer according to the instructions from the manufacturer of the sanitizing equipment.
Please note that the bottle should be placed vertically above the water nozzle, where the water is sprayed in, and it should not lean. All of the water must be able to pour out.

At home, it may be cleaned using washing up liquid and a small bottle brush with a bend.

Product description

Material Polypropene plastic
Colour white, semi-transparent
Capacity 600 ml, UK 1.1 pints, USA 1.3 pints
Weight 120 g, 4.2 ozs
Height 18 cm, 7 inches.
Trademark protected EU and design registered U.S. Patent